Software & Fonts


PrimerPro assists literacy workers by making it simpler to develop primers. It does tedious work which native authors and literacy specialists traditionally had to do themselves. Authors can instead focus on creative story writing using a list words supplied for each lesson, and PrimerPro will subsequently check the story. 

PrimerPro features:

  • It can suggest a teaching order of the graphemes based upon a word list or text data, using an algorithm which calculates their productivity.
  • It can give a list of words containing any given grapheme from the word list or text data.
  • It can track "graphemes taught" ongoingly.
  • It can give a list of "buildable" (using only graphemes taught) words from the word list or from the text data for use in a primer lesson / story.
  • It can give a list of usable phrases for a story, taken from the text data.
  • It can check a primer story for untaught residue.
  • It can give frequency counts for graphemes within the word list or text data.
  • It can perform a variety of advanced searches, based upon part of speech or other features.