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Andika is a sans serif Unicode font designed especially for literacy use and the needs of beginning readers. The focus is on clear letterforms that will not be easily confused with one another.

Annapurna SIL is a Unicode-based font family with support for the many diverse languages that use Devanagari script.

Learning to read takes books. Learning to read well, and developing a love of reading, takes lots of books. Books at all different skill levels. But how are low-literacy language communities ever to get all those books in their language? They can do it with Bloom.

FLEx enables linguists to be highly productive when building a lexicon and interlinearizing texts. Powerful bulk editing tools can save hours of work. FLEx allows control of which fields and entries show up in a dictionary publication. Through Pathway, beautiful dictionaries can be exported easily.  Send/Receive Project allows users to collaborate with colleagues located anywhere.

Graphite is a package that can be used to create "smart fonts" capable of displaying writing systems with most complex behaviors.

Paratext allows you to input, edit, check, and publish a translation of the Scriptures, based on the original texts (Greek, Hebrew), and modeled on versions in major languages.

Recording speakers of the world’s languages is fun and rewarding, but keeping all the resulting files and meta data organized? Converting files to archive formats? Transcription? Painful. That’s why we built SayMore – to make common Language Documentation tasks fun and to keep you productive.

Scripture App Builder

Scripture App Builder helps you to build customized Scripture apps for Android smartphones and tablets. You specify the Scripture files to use, the app name, the fonts, the colors, the audio and the icon. Scripture App Builder will package everything together and build the app for you.

SILKin helps field workers analyze and document the kinship system in a new language.

Transcelerator is a Paratext plugin that adds a feature to help with comprehension checking.

WeSay helps non-linguists build a dictionary in their own language. It has various ways to help native speakers to think of words in their language and enter some basic data about them (no backslash codes, just forms to fill in).