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Andika is a sans serif Unicode font designed especially for literacy use and the needs of beginning readers. The focus is on clear letterforms that will not be easily confused with one another.


Balsa is an SD card-based software package for language workers where power for computer use is a major problem and there is little on-site IT support. Balsa provides software supporting translation, literacy and language documentation. It has a simple interface, and is readily upgraded by switching out the SD card.

Learning to read takes books. Learning to read well, and developing a love of reading, takes lots of books. Books at all different skill levels. But how are low-literacy language communities ever to get all those books in their language? They can do it with Bloom.

PrimerPro assists literacy workers by making it simpler to develop primers. It does tedious work which native authors and literacy specialists traditionally had to do themselves.

SynPhony makes literacy materials production easier by listing suitable words from a corpus to use in a lesson, checking stories for untaught letters and creating word puzzles.