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CARLAStudio is a suite of tools that are integrated to allow adaptation of texts from one language to another related language using rules that are based on the parsing of the original data.

Cog helps you compare languages using lexicostatistics and comparative linguistics techniques. It can be used to automate much of the process of comparing word lists from different language varieties.

FLEx enables linguists to be highly productive when building a lexicon and interlinearizing texts. Powerful bulk editing tools can save hours of work. FLEx allows control of which fields and entries show up in a dictionary publication. Through Pathway, beautiful dictionaries can be exported easily.  Send/Receive Project allows users to collaborate with colleagues located anywhere.

LingTree is a tool that lets you describe a linguistic tree and produce a graphic image of it.

Here is a possibly easier way to key trees online and use the results in Ling Tree.

An expert system that produces a consistent PC-PATR grammar which covers the vast majority of syntax for a given language. It also produces a draft of a grammar write-up based on the user's responses.

Phonology Assistant helps you discover and test the rules of sound in a language. Provided with a corpus of phonetic data, it automatically charts the sounds. There are a wide range of search capabilities to aid your analysis process.

Speech Analyzer facilitates acoustic analysis of speech sounds.

Toolbox (formerly Shoebox) is a data management and analysis tool. It is useful for maintaining lexical data, and for parsing and interlinearizing text, but it can be used to manage virtually any kind of data. The underlying text database management system (standard format markers, or SFMs) offers full user flexibility.