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Toolbox is an enhanced version of the older program Shoebox. 

Toolbox is a data management and analysis tool for field linguists. It is especially useful for maintaining lexical data, and for parsing and interlinearizing text, but it can be used to manage virtually any kind of data. The underlying text database management system (which uses standard format markers, or SFMs) offers full user flexibililty in the design of any type of database. For ease of use, the Toolbox package includes prepared database definitions for a typical dictionary and text corpus.


  • customized sorting
  • multiple views of the same data, including browse view (tabular format)
  • filtering
  • any number of scripts in the same database. Each script has its own font and sorting characteristics.
  • Unicode preferred, but most legacy encoding systems handled too
  • morphological parser
  • word formula component for describing affix patterns in words
  • user-definable interlinear text generation system which uses the morphological parser and lexicon to generate annotated text. Interlinear text can be exported for use in linguistic papers.
  • export capabilities that can be used to produce a publishable dictionary from a dictionary database.


Linguists beginining a dictionary or language analysis project are encouraged to consider using FLEx.

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