“Thank you to my CLAVE linguistics teachers”

“Thank you so much to all of my teachers who taught the linguistics course, which now is of great use to me.” One proud CLAVE graduate recently wrote this letter of thanks to her instructors and described how the training she received from CLAVE equipped her for her position as a regional coordinator with the Peruvian National Schools.

CLAVE (Curso de Linguistica Aplicada Vernácular) is an applied linguistics course offered by SIL in collaboration with partner organizations in various Latin American countries. It provides linguistic and literacy training for indigenous people so that they can work with mother-tongue language development and literacy programs in their communities. CLAVE also provides training in writing and computer skills. As a result, former students develop materials and work with local literacy programs. Some graduates are also employed by governmental or private organizations that promote literacy and bilingual education among minority language speakers.

CLAVE’s professors and teaching assistants are from Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico and the US. Many of the instructors are graduates of CILTA, another training program co-sponsored by SIL and Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru.

CLAVE course in Colombia

CILTA  translation and literacy courses taught in Spanish