A Heart for Her Own Community

With only a primary education, options seemed limited for JYB to contribute to her community. When local leaders asked her to help with a literacy project, she eagerly agreed. For three years, she taught kindergarten. She also learned to play guitar and became a music leader. JYB’s determination and willingness to learn were apparent to those around her.

Eventually JYB was invited to help with a translation project. At first, she disliked the difficult work of learning to use a computer. But in order to access online resources for her community, she persevered. Often this meant finding transportation for the long trips back and forth to attend the SIL-sponsored training sessions. Frequently she would be the only woman riding a palm oil truck from her home to the main road in order to catch a bus to the village where the education center was located.

Thanks to her perseverance and the training she received, JYB is now recognized as a leader, teacher and storyteller in her community. As her knowledge and skills continue to grow, she is delighted to be able to serve her community by sharing what she is learning with others.


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