Language Program Management

Language Program Management training prepares people to be effective in their roles as managers and partnership facilitators in community language development programs. 

Language Program Manager

SIL devises individualized learning programs for those who are interested in language program management positions within SIL. The exact set of courses and learning activities is determined following a competency assessment of the candidate’s background and in consultation with a selected field supervisor.  In addition, small-group or individual seminars related to language development components may also be recommended.  For more information, email .

Recommended studies include:

  • Language and Society
  • Introduction to Language Development
  • Language Project Design and Management 
  • A cross-cultural training course such as Cultural Anthropology or Language and Culture Learning
  • guided readings in language development and management

The above courses are available at most institutions in the SIL training network. A short Participatory Methods course is also recommended and can be taken either pre-field or in conjunction with a six-month to one year recommended internship in consultation with a field supervisor.

Individuals interested in managing Bible translation projects may wish to consider the MA in Bible Translation Management programme an online degree program at the University of Free State in South Africa.