Scripture Engagement

Scripture Engagement Workers assist Christian communities to strengthen their languages by integrating Scriptures into their life and practice.

Scripture Engagement Worker

Scripture Engagement Workers need to be competent in certain areas in order to succeed in their roles. Most often, those working with SIL will need the courses below to acquire these competencies. Readiness for the role depends on having the competencies, not on taking a course. Documented educational life experiences or other training is taken into account.

Scripture Engagement Workers who work in their own ethnic group or one very similar should have taken the following courses or their equivalents:

  • A cross-cultural course that deals with issues of Christianity and culture
  • Language and Society
  • Introduction to Language Development
  • Issues in Community Development or Language Project Design and Management
  • Scripture Engagement

Scripture Engagement Workers who work in a culture different than their own need to learn another language and culture. The recommended formal training for them includes the courses listed above plus:

  • Phonetics
  • Language and Culture Learning
  • Cultural Anthropology

Training in Scripture Engagement is available at a number of venues, including GIALCanIL, CLTL@Redcliffe, and i-DELTA.