Scripture Engagement

Scripture Engagement involves accessing, understanding and interacting meaningfully with the life-changing message of the Scriptures.

Scripture Engagement specialists help language communities consider and plan for access to Scripture in the languages and media that serve them best. As appropriate to the context, they assist churches and other interested individuals and agencies that wish to facilitate access to and life-changing encounters with the Bible.

Scripture Engagement specialists advise on the production and use of appropriate Scripture products in multilingual settings. They can also advise on ways other communities have effectively used Scripture texts to address everyday concerns (illness, interpersonal conflict, life transitions) as well as more pressing ones (HIV-AIDS, trauma due to conflict or natural disasters). Music, drama and the visual arts can play a powerful role in helping people engage with Scripture.

Related consulting and training services include:

  • Translation Program Planning – helps community leaders plan for appropriate translation programs and products, including considerations of orality, writing systems, dialect issues, etc.
  • Media Training – helps prepare community specialists to produce and promote print, digital, and audiovisual Scripture products
  • Contextualization Workshops – equip local churches to identify and examine how Scripture applies to significant cultural beliefs and practices 
  • Results Based Management Training – trains impact committees to evaluate program progress toward the desired impact
  • Marketing and Distribution Training – trains specialists how to choose Scripture products that are easily obtainable, affordable and relevant to their audiences 
  • Community Participation Training – trains community partnership facilitators in participatory methods

Scripture Engagement services of SIL are not available in all countries where SIL personnel are found. However, you may be able to access these services through other organizations. The Forum of Bible Agencies International has many excellent Scripture Engagement resources available on their website: