SIL Books on Translation

The following books by SIL authors are available on line at SIL International Publications.

Of interest to all professional translators:

Callow, Kathleen, l999, Man and Message
Gutt, Ernst-August, l992, Relevance Theory
Larson, Mildred L., 1998, Meaning-based Translation (Also in Indonesian, Spanish, and Russian.)

Of special interest to Bible Translators:

Barnwell, Katharine, l986, Bible Translation (Also in French and Russian)
Larson, Mildred L., with Ellis E. Deibler and Marjorie Crofts, l998, Meaning-Based Translation Workbook: Biblical Exercises
Hill, Harriet, Ernst-August Gutt, Margaret Hill, Christoph Unger, and Rick Floyd, 2011, Bible Translation Basics: Communicating Scripture in a Relevant Way.